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Hey! I'm Keira.
Acting Coach & Founder of

My goal is to help actors to consistently work out their craft, continue to grow, develop their artistry and become a truly empowered actor.
Abstract Background


After being exposed to the brilliance of the theatre from a young age I developed a love and admiration for performance. However it wasn't until after I graduated from university with a completely non-acting related degree that I allowed myself to really believe in the idea of acting as a career.

Once I grew bold enough to share this passion out-loud I set my sights on drama school and undertook an MA at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. And I loved it. I loved being in the rehearsal room, I loved creating worlds and I loved the consistent structure and encouragement to dig deeper, commit more and stretch yourself further with new characters.

However - not long after graduating from RCSSD, I found myself feeling lost and frustrated...with infrequent auditions and missing a regular practice my confidence started to take a dive and the joy I used to feel about acting became replaced by doubt and negative self-talk.


Not knowing how to progress or change the narrative, I did something I never thought I would...I quit. After a little break, I realised I couldn't stay away from the world of acting for too long and I turned my attention to coaching. In shifting my focus to coaching I knew I had to re-connect with the craft and in doing so I realised just how much I had been neglecting this once I had left RCSSD! After re-engaging with the craft of acting, my passion and love for the craft soon came flooding back.

This discovery highlighted to me the importance of being connected with your craft - not only to grow as an actor - but as a direct link to passion, motivation, action, confidence and joy within acting.


I believe that empowerment for an actor comes from a steady commitment and enquiry into the art,

in-between jobs as well as during them. My goal since has become  to share the power that comes with consistent engagement with your craft. I now teach one to one classes and have founded The Empowered Actors Studio. This is an online studio to support you and encourage you to dig deeper, explore more, try new things and impart to you that you have everything you need to be a committed, passionate and thriving actor now. You've got this.