Tomorrow will be a mock casting session.

If you can, learn the lines and make some character choices on how you would like to play the scene based on the brief and what you gather from the text. Please pick one of the scenes rather than both ready for tomorrow.


For the Casualty scene the whole script has been attached - Please scroll through to the relevant scene, you do not have to read the whole script! 

Please find attached the castings and below the breakdowns for each casting.

Please do not share the sides or post online.

Female Casting (Casualty - Gemma):

GEMMA DEAN (Female, 17 years old)

SHEFFIELD ACCENT- TO MATCH IAIN (Played by Michael Stevenson) Gemma is Iain’s tearaway, troubled teen sister. Wiry, dark, streetwise, with a short fuse and big gob. She always has her wits about her, her guard up and is athletic, mostly because she’s used to running away from things. She’s a cheeky tomboy, tends to make herself a nuisance, and isn’t afraid of telling someone how it is. Gemma was nine years old when Iain left for the army, and she hasn’t seen her older brother in eight years. Their Mum is an alcoholic, always has been and always will be, and she’s had a troubled home life, especially since Iain left – something which she still blames him for. Gemma wasn’t exactly a star pupil at school, and due to truanting and generally hating people telling her what to do, she now struggles with basic literacy and numeracy skills. She especially hates maths. Mixing with the wrong crowd meant that petty crime inevitably followed, and Gemma isn’t a stranger to a bit of vandalism and shoplifting. She’s now ended up in a youth offenders’ institute, where she is being bullied by the other girls. Despite her rocky exterior, Gem is very self-conscious about her lack of education, and still cares very much about what people think of her. She’s always felt like a bit of an outsider, and struggled to fit in. She needs to learn to forgive her brother for abandoning her with her Mum, and learn that not everyone is out to get her…

To prepare: either scene 18 or scene 40. 

Male Casting (Living - Police Constable Gordon Dixon):


Gordon Dixon was born in Southampton in 1918. His father was a merchant seaman and his mother a hairdresser. Not the sharpest tool in the box, Gordon left school at 16 and spent two years as an apprentice on a ship before returning to London and immediately applying to join the Met police. The selection process was quick: testimonies were given by neighbours and medical checks passed. Gordon spent the night before worrying he’d be rejected on account of an anchor tattoo, only to learn the next day tattoos were fine if they weren’t visible when he was wearing uniform. Because he didn’t do A-Levels, Gordon had to sit a written exam, which he passed. Then came 13 weeks training at Peel House on Regency Street, and then 15 years on the beat. He’s well-liked within the force, but known as a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Behind his back, if someone cock-ups the sergeant might say they’ve “done a Gordon”. His lack of upwards progress was never an issue at home until they had twins. Now his wife gets at him about a lack of ambition. His main hobby is supporting the Saints: Southampton football club. It’s not giving him much joy at the moment. In 1953, the Saints are relegated to Division 3.

To prepare: either scene 117 or scene 118-119. 

Gemma Sides

PC Gordon Sides

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