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Do you ever feel stuck or frustrated in your craft?

Maybe you feel like you are in a rut and you want to break free, but you just don't know how? Well if that about where you are right now, then this 6 Week Challenge is for you!


In this challenge you will be exploring different acting techniques for voice, movement and acting, discovering new ways of approaching your scene and finding emotional freedom. The programme consist of almost 100 videos of exercises, which you will have lifetime access to so you can come back to any of the exercises at any time.

You will also have 6 one to one sessions with Keira alongside the programme to ensure you make deeper breakthroughs and you will have an extra session to use any time within 6 months of purchasing the programme, equalling 7 one to one sessions in total.

When you purchase The 6 Week Rediscover Your Fire programme you will have access to everything in The Empowered Actors Studio for 2 months! This includes:

 - 2 Group Zoom sessions every week

 - Guest teacher Zoom sessions

 - Acting For Stage Course

 - Goal Tracker

 - 1 Month Free Writing Challenge

 - Selection of Shakespeare Monologues E-book

 - Journey To Becoming An Empowered Actor E-book

AGES 18+

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overview of what's covered

So...are you ready to:

 💥 Learn about new acting techniques

 💥 Get in depth feedback

 💥 Stay accountable for your growth as an actor


If "Yes!", then book in your free strategy call with Keira.


During our call together we will discuss:

💥 Your acting journey so far

💥 What your biggest goals are with your craft

💥 What is blocking you

💥 Whether this programme is a fit for you


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