Actors on stage

Why Acting?

First and foremost acting is fun. It is a wonderful way for exercise creative expression and allows one to be silly when exploring different characters. Beyond this acting can be a powerful tool with it's ability to move and effect people and through it's ability to provoke thought and discussion.

With acting going back as far as the mind can think, there is a treasure trove of inspiration to draw from. Each person is influenced by different elements and brings to a piece their own uniqueness, be it through mannerisms or interpretation.


The Classes:


These classes are focussed on creating detailed and nuanced characters. We will look at physicality, intention, voice to bring each character to life. Students will learn techniques and tools that they will be able to take forward with them and apply to future roles. 

Whether you are new to acting or are looking for some coaching before an audition or exam, one on one classes are the most effective way to develop character and range as they allow for the most detailed work.

If you are considering private tuition for acting please get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements.
Classes are charged at £40 for the hour.


Acting classes with a focus on the craft and joy of theatre. 

Each class is especially designed around the student to bring out the best of them and in terms of performance, character building, emotional truth and confidence.